We specialize in good architecture, reporting, and Visual flow. Terry uses Salesforce in his own nonprofit org for newsletters, donors, volunteers, clients, impact analysis, reconciling accounting, ...  read more


Below are Terry’s video shorts as well as published Webinars or conference presentations. And don’t forget Terry’s NPSP Talk Series is on YouTube.

The entire Mightyforce.org ...  read more


Mightyforce is dedicated to the small-but-mighty, whether you are a lone wolf admin at small non-profits or an admin at a larger org who just needs the high return on investment. Nonprofit admins give ...  read more


Lightning Pages: Best Practices

These are the slides for Texas Dreamin. I did about 4 months of research for this presentation and will be publishing more of my findings including things that don’t work well. This presentation ...  read more

Spring 2022 Updates

Spring 2022 arrived Feb 12. My article is intended to help other nonprofits spot what is required to do and what may be good to do for those products covered by the Power of Ten license grant. I’ll ...  read more


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If your organization or career have been impacted positively by Terry’s work, he asks that you make a tax-deductive gift in honor of saleSalesforcehnology to Street Youth Ministry. One way to do this is paypal.me/StreetYouthMinsitry.