Terry and trusted companion Rosie

Mightyforce is dedicated to the small-but-mighty, whether you are a lone wolf admin at small non-profits or an admin at a larger org who just needs the high return on investment. Nonprofit admins give 100% of themselves to make a positive difference in this world and we want to maximize that.

Terry is proud to be one of the Salesforce MVPs. Terry founded and operates a ministry in Austin Texas for homeless young adults, working with 60 to 80 individuals weekly as life coach and guide. Terry has two engineering degrees and worked in high-tech for 25 years on communication standard and technology, helping to bring modems (LOL), DSL, and Wifi into widespread use.

Terry uses Salesforce to manage subscribers, donors, volunteers, in-kind givers, clients, attendance, volunteer/donor cases, client outcomes and more! Terry completely implemented his org using NPSP and has developed a set of enhancements that are NPSP compatible and focused on having big impacts with small resources.

Terry is an active participant in user groups, Salesforce Saturday, and Texas Dreamin’. Terry is a frequent contributor to nonprofit user questions at The Power of Us Hub. Terry specializes in declarative automation (Process Builder, Flow, DLRS, Engagement Plans, etc) and has a passion for helping give your data a voice through reporting. Terry is the sole admin/developer at his organization since 2013.

Terry runs a small internship program for those who have intermediate Salesforce knowledge commercially and wants to use it for nonprofits. Terry has a one-day crash course for advanced commercial admins who want to learn nonprofit. And Terry has developed a program for brand new nonprofits who want to use Salesforce to help them grow mighty from the beginning.