Pardot First DonationAutomation From Salesforce Contact Record

We have defined an Engagement Studio program for first-time donors in Pardot. We want all contacts with emails to get on this program from Salesforce. 

Here is the plan:

  • Contact has a closed/won opportunity and so the Number of Household Gifts goes from zero to 1 at some point for all members of the household account. 
  • Pardot is configured to sync all new prospects that have donations more than zero. Note that preexisting contacts may not sync.
  • A Pardot automation rule watches for new prospects with 1 gift In the last 60 days who are not yet on the start list of the warming engagement plan program and adds them to the start list.
  • Engagement studio runs its course and adds the prospect to the completed list eventually.
  • Any older contacts who become donors are not in Pardot and may not be synced because they predate our Pardot Salesforce Connector. These flagged one a month in a Wall of Zero report and can be synced manually.

The Number of Household Donations ...  read more