Summer ‘21 Preview Top Candy for Power of Ten!

Terry reviewed the pre-release notes for things that will likely be exciting and awesome for Power of Ten licence grant holders. The notes are not final but can be found at

  1. Reporting: Inline editing of fields in reports (Beta)! Super exciting to bring the power of in-line editing of list views to reports that span more than one related object! Expect just text, number and checkboxes to start with. You have to ask support to turn it on and then enable it. No tasks, picklists, compound fields. 
  2. Dashboards: Download dashboard as PNG. Printing has been very poor since Lightning came down on Dashboards. Now you can download a PNG of the entire dashboards. It’s not all I would hope for but it saves me from taking screenshots or paying for an add-on product to do it.
  3. List Views: Custom actions returns to the recent list. After a false start in spring. Fool us once… well… you know. So I’m counting on it this time! I’ll forgive you, Salesforce, if you also deliver the mass actions in Split View lists as planned! Both are awesome productivity boosters.
  4. Record Page Design: Quick actions that invoke Lightning Web Components (LWC), popping open a window or running headless. LWC are available from many sources and now you can leverage them through quick actions. This will quickly be huge! Expect it on desktop record pages only.
  5. Security: Permission expiration. Need to open up permissions, permission sets, or permission set groups for one staff member or a team for two weeks or 90 days? Simplify your security audit work with this Beta.
  6. Flow: Auto-layout gets stronger and more capable: Scheduled paths come to auto layout. And so did on-canvas debugging. There is *almost* no reason to ever use manual layout again! So much time-saved. So much simplicity provided for the beginner or occasional user. Try it out today!
  7. Flow: Making input screens for editing records gets much less tedious! Going from concept to running faster is the name of the game with flow these days. With this Beta feature, you tell flow that a screen is about a certain record and you can drag those fields, type, value and all onto the page the same as you might make a report layout! I’m still a big fan of using components to simplify editing an object even more but this makes quick custom designs much easier to design and maintain than previous practices.
  8. Flow: Record triggered flows get much simpler. Ischanged has a long history of not being friendly, especially in declarative automation. But now it’s available for record-triggered flows and promises to work as solidly as a workflow rule in both triggering the flow and at any decisions you want, along with full access to all prior values! I can’t wait to use this feature to record what my multi-picklist newsletter subscription field was changed from each time it changes. Record triggered flow are now easier to debug, too, with on-screen debugging just the same as any other flow. And with a component found on unofficialSF you can even call a subflow from a record triggered flow to better implement D.R.Y (don’t repeat yourself) strategies. And now before-save flows and after-save flows can use the same method to update records without sacrificing the speed of before-save. So these super powerful categories of flows just got a lot simpler to make and maintain!
  9. Flow: Responsive multi column screen layouts now GA. This promises much for sites and communities! With all the new excitement around Experience Cloud, this is a sure winning feature.
  10. Flow: finally you can set the default on choices. Flow just keeps getting more intuitive to capture the UX you want. Now we can set defaults on any type of choice. Or even change how you present the choices with just the click of a setup switch (picklist, radio button, checkbox group).

I don’t normally include Pilots in my Top Ten List so here are two bonuses: I hope I get accepted into the pilots. You have to get your AE to nominate you for each pilot and sign a little extra paperwork:

  1. Record Page Design: Dynamic Action bar for Lightning record pages (Pilot). Finally! Add a group of custom and standard buttons anywhere on the record page! You’ll have to request this pilot feature. I’d expect desktop only and other exclusions during pilot.
  2. Send List Mail through Gmail and Outlook. This would be wonderful and consistent.

All of these features can help the small but mighty organization better leverage Salesforce, faster, simpler, and with lower total cost of ownership. I’ll plan to be back with a review of the features and how to set up when they roll out!

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