Lightning Pages: Best Practices

These are the slides for Texas Dreamin. I did about 4 months of research for this presentation and will be publishing more of my findings including things that don’t work well. This presentation focused on an admins strategy and making the most of a desktop makeover due to the short presentation format. The slides have everything though.  You can comment on the google slides to interact with Terry.

Click on the image to see the Powerpoint

I recorded a series of videos in a workshop series that went into more depth on each topic. This is the youtube playlist to watch them all or you can just watch those you want. Comment on youtube to interact with Terry:

1. Introduction and makeover example

2. Makeover example result on mobile

3. Setting Goals for a Makeover

4. Two Types of Records means different design goals may be needed

5. Example of mobile

6. Making mobile work now

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