Automatic Email and Phone Preferences for NPSP

Three workflow rules that infer the value of the NPSP picklist called preferred email and set it. Saves time when moving or deleting email fields.

The NPSP is awesome in that it allows us to have cell phone, home phones, and office phones and emails for our contacts since it’s a B2C type of service. I like that. However, I disliked getting a warning when I saved contacts indicating that I had forgotten to set the preferred email or preferred phone. The worst is when I move the only email address from work to personal (or vice versa) and get a validation error that the preferred email is blank. So I decided to improve the intelligence.

This was the very first customization I ever made to my NPSP. I was a total newbie back in Feb 2013 with less than 3 months of SF under my belt, but the rules are still running in my org today. I’ve never had any problem with them or needed to disable them for any reason.

There are three rules to infer email preference when only one email is provided. E.g., if the only email filled is alternative, infer that alternate should be the preferred email.

Rule Criteria:
(Contact: Preferred EmailEQUALSnull) AND 
(Contact: Personal EmailEQUALSnull) AND 
(Contact: Work EmailEQUALSnull) AND 
(Contact: Alternate EmailNOT EQUAL TOnull)

Set Contact Preferred Email Picklist to Alternate

Similar rules are defined to infer personal email and work email.

I deal primarily with email addresses so I never did the phone. However, the same thing could be done for home, office, mobile and other phone preference.

Here is a link to a very simple package that just contains these three new workflow rules to set preferred email.

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