Salesforce News: Welcome 28 New Salesforce MVPs!


We’re excited to welcome 28 new Salesforce MVPs and welcome back 102 re-awarded MVPs to the MVP Ohana today! We’re also thrilled to announce 10 new inductees into the MVP Hall of Fame. 

The Salesforce MVP program honors and awards those making exceptional contributions to the Salesforce Community. Salesforce MVPs are true trailblazers who dedicate their time and energy to forge a path for future learners to succeed. They bring the spirit of Ohana to life by inspiring others to learn Salesforce and connect to our thriving community.

We receive hundreds of community nominations for new MVPs during twice yearly nomination periods, so achieving this award is not an easy feat. It takes true dedication to helping others – through online answers and collaboration, leading Community Groups, blogging, sharing expertise through presentations, and countless other contributions that consistently surprise and delight our Ohana.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the newest class of MVPs and the returning MVPs. Say hello, and congratulations! Follow them online, connect at your local Community Groups, and meet them at countless events around the world!

New Salesforce MVPs

Receiving their 1st MVP recognition

Amit Chaudhary Guillermo Pedroni
Terry Cole Bill Powell
Laura Diaz Samantha Safin
Stuart Edeal Monica Sandberg
Ines Garcia Pritam Shekhawat
Megan Himan Abhilasha Singh
Joanna Iturbe Carlos Siqueira
Misty Jones Corey Snow
Michael Kolodner Adam Spriggs
David Litton Sadahiro Suzuki
Sue Maass Christian Szandor Knapp
Kim McClure Mary Tagler
Junko Nakayama Colleen Whelan
Amy Oplinger Alba Azcona Rivas


Returning Salesforce MVPs

MVPs awarded again! You can find all of our current MVPs on Twitter here.

Abhinav Gupta Jesse Altman
Adam Olshansky Jitendra Zaa
Adam Kramer Jodie Miners
Adam Marks Johan Yu
Aiden Martin Jonathan Baltz
Alex Sutherland Joni Martin
Amber Boaz Justin Edelstein
Andrew Fawcett Kalman Sweetwine
Andy Ognenoff Karen Fitton
Angela Mahoney Kartik Viswanadha
Anup Jadhav Katie McFadden
Ashima Saigal Kelly Bentubo
Beth Breisnes Kerry McClauss (McDonough)
Bill Greenhaw Kevin O’Hara
Blakely Graham Kylee Durant
Brad Struss Kyla Longe
Brent Downey Lars Nielsen
Bryan Boroughf Launa Saunders
Calvin Smith Lori Witzel
Carolina Ruiz Medina Luke Cushanick
Cheryl Feldman Maria Belli
Chris Zullo Mark Ross
Christine Pechter Martijn Schwarzer
Clara Perez Matthew Morris
Dale Ziegler Mayank Srivastava
Dan Appleman Michael Slawnik
Daniel Ballinger Nana Gregg
Daniel Peter Nicholas Zinser
David Cheng Nik Panter
David Giller Patrick Connelly
Deepa Patel Paul Battisson
Don Robins Peter Churchill
Douglas Ayers Peter Knolle
Edward Schlicksup Phil Weinmeister
Elena Inurrategui Rachel Rogers
Elizabeth Davidson Rakesh Kumar
Eric Dreshfield Rebecca Lammers
Eric Wu Ryan Headley
Gaurav Kheterpal Ryan Ozimek
Geoff Flynn Sharif Shaalan
Geraldine Gray Sharon Klardie
Gorav Seth Shinichi Tomita
Jackie Travieso Shivanath Devinarayanan
James Loghry Shonnah Hughes
Jarrod Kingston Simon Lawrence
Jason Atwood Susan Thayer
Jean-Luc Antoine Taiki Yoshikawa
Jean-Michel Mougeolle Takahiro Yonei
Jeff May Thomas Taylor
Jen Nelson Vamsi Krishna
Jennifer Lee Vinay Chaturvedi

New Inductees to the MVP Hall of Fame

The Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame is an emeritus status that recognizes the exceptional individuals that have been awarded Salesforce MVP 5+ times. These MVPs receive this honorary title for life, and can be renominated back into the program in future rounds based on their community activity and contributions at that time.

Andrew Gross Matthew Lamb
David Pier Michael Farrington
Jared Miller Nick Hamm
Jason Paquette Scott Hemmeter
Jason Venable Will Nourse

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