Automatic Assessment Tool Pilot

We also provided a flow when a new assessment is created with the Auto First in Period type with a positive date span. We can analyze an initial assessment for a client by setting the type to auto-earliest, date to the date of first service and date span to 60 days. We can analyze a longer-term client by setting an anniversary date setting the date span to 180 days. Such assessments would combine the best available observation from potentially multiple interactions and team members.

Simple changes in formula can expand the pilot to support positive and negative spans. Additional expansion of the formula can support Auto First and Auto Last. An additional decision can be added to support both First and Last types. We plan to implement these changes. Our current release of this pilot flow only works when an assessment is first created. It currently is not updated afterward. We plan to implement automation to continue updating auto assessments after initial creation. 

This flow first gets the related assessment template elements and computes a relevant date range for notes using formula resource. To implement negative span, we’ll have to expand these resources. To implement absolute first and last, we’ll have to set the range to effectively all of time for that client (from first date client served to current date, for example).

The flow loops through each element and finds any matching client notes of the required type to match the assessment element and within the the desired date range. Currently one note is returned. (To implement both First and Last, we will have to get the entire collection of matching notes in sorted order of date and pull off either the first one or last one to a common variable to continue.)

The flow then decides if any note was found and then proceeds to score the note. Currently the algorithm can only assign score of 1,2, 4 and 5 but not 3. This can be improved with an update of our client note reporting in future. Having found a note, it creates an assessment element and connects it to the note and the assessment object. These are accumulated until the end of the loop where they are saved. This save triggers the assessment object to recompute rollup scores.

Whatever data we have will be gathered and score, percentage complete, and other stats completed. Percentage complete would be zero if the client has no Client Notes in the specified date range and of the appropriate types.

Pilot Notes:

Only support Auto First in Period with positive date span. Relatively simple changes to formula and record search logic are needed.

Will not continue to update auto assessment requests after initial creation. A scheduled flow is needed to determine if newly created or modified notes need to results in updating of auto assessments.

This release is incomplete in that there are no buttons to create assessments on the client contact page anywhere. We do plan to do make buttons available based on time a client has been with us.

This release is non-ideal in that the page layouts are not perfected yet for template and assessment. We also need to do some work on the name of elements with auto fields since element names have no meaning. We also need to do some work with assessment auto=naming to bring in the name of the assessment template, type, date, date span and client. Current assessments are free format.

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