Program Client Assessment Manual Tool

We provided a flow which can be run by a user to select a template and a client and then run all the elements assigning a rating to each assessment element. This is a “manual assessment” on a particular date. We launched with two different types: a brief intake assessment for new clients and a more thorough checkpoint assessment for client we interact with frequently.

This flow first gets the client, lets the user select the template from available assessment templates and then gets the assessment elements. 

Then the next section creates program notes for each of the assessment elements. The user is presented with a series of screens for each assessment element. These are boring but familiar to our team as part of all ad hoc meeting case notes already. It might be very nice to jazz up the interface one day. One day the screen could depend on the element itself but currently we manage with just one screen common to all elements.

In our case, we also have prayer request emails associated with client notes for goals and achievements so part of the loop it taking care of that stuff. Each new client note is accumulated and then they are all created at the end of the loop.

After gathering that data and making those program notes, it then turns to the assessment itself. Each note is linked through a new assessment element join object and assigned a score by a wide decision that translates the notes to a uniform score we used for our assessments (0 to 5). Note that client notes can be part of more than one assessment if applicable. After looping through all the notes, the results assessment element objects are created and the assessment object itself is saved.

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