Account Engagement Score (Automatic Net Promoter Score)

We wanted an automatic way to score our engagement with accounts, whether they are organizational or household. 

We don’t want this to be a wealth or giving total number but rather a rating of how well the account is engaged with us. We adopted a strategy of simply 0 to 4 for engagement.

We added a short number to hold a number indicating how engaged an account is. For the moment, we really needed this in order to be able to rate contacts based on their attached account score. This, we are relying entirely on fundraising to define engagement but we hope to do better in the near future. Use of affiliations is an obvious future extension and identification of account roles like partners and collaborators would probably be good as well. The label can be changed later to Account Engagement Score.

 We wrote a flow that works on one account and assigns values per the requirements: 0 for no donations, 1 for one time gift, 2 for multiple gifts but lapsed, 3 for multiple gifts and current, and 4 if they have bonus stars awards. The flow simply gets the account, makes a decision based on several criteria evaluated in order, assigns an engagement, and if the variable passed in, asked for update, saves the account engagement score. The ratings depend on NPSP standard rollups as well as some fields provided by SYM’s Automatic Donor Statistics (which are documented on and are all formula fields based on NPSP standard follups fields).

If you’ve never donated, it’s zero. If you’ve donated only once or twice, it’s 1 or 2 points (no matter when). If you’ve donated more than once, it depends on how recently whether you get 2 or 3 points. We calculate the average frequency with which an account donates and therefore can tell if you’re current or not. It’s a “good until” date for donors. It’s still based on NPSP standard rollup fields but it uses formula fields to calculate it. See for “Automatic Donor Statistics” to learn specifics on how we do this. Finally, if you’ve been awarded “donor stars” in the past, you get the last point. Donor stars are awarded manually but are based on one bonus point for each year you increase giving by 10% or participate in workplace matching.

We scheduled a Mass Action Schedule to create a SOQL driven update of the Accounts that have any gifts. The flow was developed with a batch size of 100. At the time of release it’s about 1200 accounts. It runs every Sunday morning.

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