NPSP Release 3.193 Decisions

I reviewed the release notes at

I found one area of updates requiring manual updates for the user and admin getting started pages. Might not be helpful but did it anyway for new users. Rather than rely on profiles, I assigned it to permission sets and permission set groups:

If you aren’t familiar with permission sets, they became extremely valuable when permission set groups came along. IMO (and Salesforce leads have confirmed this more than once), one day permission set groups will replace profiles for most things. I think it’s already much smarter.

Here are my permission set groups. Pretty simple. One day, perhaps I will be assigning all users to a minimum profile permission set as user or admin and all permissions will inherit from permission set groups. But I’m miles away from that today. However, permission set groups do simplify my keeping up with tech debt already (since July 2019 in fact).

New SYM NPSP Admin: permission set for NPSP Admin permissions including these getting started items. Assigned to SYM Admin Permission Set Group only:

  • Object Settings
    • Get Started with NPSP Admin. Available and Visible.

SYM NPSP Base : existing permission set where I added all the use getting started access items. Note that Admins also get all this permission set so just one edit and done!

  • Object Settings
    • Get Started with NPSP. Available and Visible.
    • Get Started Completion Checklist States: Read, Create, Edit, and Delete
    • Field Permissions section, select Read Access for all fields, and Edit Access for these fields: Item Id, Owner, User.
  • Apex Class Access
    • npsp.GS_ChecklistSetup and npsp.GS_ApplicationStatusController Enabled
  • Custom Metadata Types
    • NPSP Get Started Checklist Item and NPSP Get Started Checklist Section
  • App Manager
    • SYM Admin Application: Added Get Started with NPSP (end user — not showing up), Get Started with NPSP -Admin (not showing up), Getting Started (old with overlap but worked)
    • SYM Home (Lightning NPSP): Added Get Started with NPSP (end user)

Here are all the random permission sets now assigned to our Base User profile. You can see the one I created specifically to hold NPSP Base permissions to keep up with new features! Easy! (-ish)

I did not add it to the SYM Home Console on purpose.

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