Every Donation to a Campaign Pilot

It has been said that every donation belongs to a campaign. I have avoided this over time but I’m starting to see how a big organization might like to have the campaign totals at their fingertips as well as a list of contacts. We have configured contacts to be added automatically to campaigns when the won donation is added. Do note that we have automatic donor statistics so we easily identify gifts from new donors, monthly, quarterly, lapsed, renewed, etc givers independent of what campaign is set. This is documented already on Mightyforce.org.

To accommodate this every campaign data cleanliness the following was done for first quarter 2021. Seven campaigns were created for 

  • Unsolicited Ongoing (not a specific campaign, gave in prior years)
  • Unsolicited New (not a specific campaign, this is first gift year)
  • Unsolicited Ongoing Org (not a specific campaign, not grant that we wrote, gave in prior years)
  • Unsolicited New Org (not a specific campaign, not a grant we wrote, first gift year)
  • Perk Giving (things like Amazon, Paypal checkout, Bing search)
  • Employee Matching (matching gifts, bonus from I Live Here I Give Here)
  • Grant Writing (grant we applied for or supplemental unsolicited giving thereafter)

Each Campaign has a parent, Master-Fundraiser, and started in 2021 as a naming convention to allow simple reporting and list view filtering. If a donation was attributed directly to a fundraiser (Amplify Austin, Valentines, or came in a newsletter envelope) it will be attributed there. Otherwise to one of these campaigns.

Apsona was set up to show key fields to make assignments fast, including Account, Account type, Gift Amount, First Gift Date, Number of Gifts, description. This made pretty fast work of assigning them campaigns. I saved the Apsona search on Donations and saved the field set so they can be recalled quarterly to keep up with this.

I set up the same campaigns for 2020 and assigned the 1200 records in 30 minutes. It might be worth doing past year prior to 2020, one per quarter or so until we catch up. The longitudinal evolution of gifts may be interesting. I set up a chart on the fundraiser list view and a “contains” element to limit to a particular year, assuming we name things with the year in the campaign name.

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