Pardot First DonationAutomation From Salesforce Contact Record

We have defined an Engagement Studio program for first-time donors in Pardot. We want all contacts with emails to get on this program from Salesforce. 

Here is the plan:

  • Contact has a closed/won opportunity and so the Number of Household Gifts goes from zero to 1 at some point for all members of the household account. 
  • Pardot is configured to sync all new prospects that have donations more than zero. Note that preexisting contacts may not sync.
  • A Pardot automation rule watches for new prospects with 1 gift In the last 60 days who are not yet on the start list of the warming engagement plan program and adds them to the start list.
  • Engagement studio runs its course and adds the prospect to the completed list eventually.
  • Any older contacts who become donors are not in Pardot and may not be synced because they predate our Pardot Salesforce Connector. These flagged one a month in a Wall of Zero report and can be synced manually.

The Number of Household Donations ...  read more

Unpacking Salesforce Winter 2023

The release notes can be found here inside Salesforce Help.

The first step is to determine if there is anything requiring admin actions now. 

  1. Sometimes they have little surprises for us that require action quickly before your users discover the changes. 
  2. I head to the section called “How and When do Features Become Available”
  3. Find Your Reports and Dashboards Faster in Analytics Home: Requires enabling a global setup under Reports and Dashboards Settings: Unified Experience for Analytics Home. I had already done this in a previous release.

Review of limitations to features:

  1. Clone Lightning App: This beta feature is available only for custom Lightning apps. It isn’t available for standard, connected, managed, community or classic apps. Cloning of a utility bar isn’t supported in this beta release.
  2. To Do List: Track and Sort All Your Tasks with the To Do List doesn’t work on mobile since it’s embedded in the Utility Bar.
  3. Dynamic Related List still doesn’t support mobile, or tell you if it’s showing all the records.

Here is my review of ...  read more