Affiliation Summary Field

Show summary of contact’s organization affiliations in one easy field. Great for list view and reports!

I add a Text field to my contacts called Affiliation Summary. This is denormalized data… that is intentional redundancy introduced to help me. But no fear… it’s automatic. It is a field filled in by a roll-up helper tool. It is a concatenation of the related Affiliation Objects. The roll-up summary is the concatenation of the Organization Name. I filter the rollup on Affiliations that have the status of current. I don’t sort the relationships but one could. I don’t include the Role but one could. So for me in my own database, it looks like “Covenant Presbyterian Church;Street Youth Ministry;AMD;Tensleep Design”. I have done this with both Rollup Helper and Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries Tool. It can also be done with Process Builder and a flow. I think it would be challenging to do with Process Builder alone.

I have also recently implemented a Relationship Summary field, listing all the people a person is related to in the database.

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