Display whatever you want on SF1

Create a field specifically to display imporatant adaptive information on SF1 about clients.

Well, maybe not whatever you want but still.

Awesome @Christian Carter (Bigger Boat Consulting) that led me to some very productive and practical ways to improve user experience on SF1 by simple rearrangement of fields on the page layout. The article is Optimizing NPSP for SF1 and he first introduced me to the subject matter in a presentation at Dreamforce 2015.

He says you can only display four fields. Well… I don’t like limits. That led me to go further and develop one formula field that I call Compact Display Summary Field that shows key info about the person right under the circle/name fields of the SF1 contact page. It is a formula field that adapts to the contact whether they are a donor, volunteer, clients, etc. This way you don’t have to choose compromise fields that aren’t relevant. And you can explain to your user with phrases and connectors.

My formula fields show recent giving summary if a donor. Also shows recent work summary if a volunteer. If a client instead, it shows recent service summary if client. Note that we don’t classify contacts manually: the data speaks for itself by gift, volunteer hour, and served hour totals.

The display field also reminds what our next ask is. The next ask is a custom field I have to better focus myself and staff on moving people along a pipeline… i.e., find email, join newsletter, join prayer team, donate again, etc. this is another custom formula field on our contact already).

Because it’s so important to us, the display field also lists their affiliated organizations (a custom rollup field we have on our contact).

Very handy info at a literal glance. The sky is the limit as to how useful you might make this, depending on how you create the formula field.

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