NPSP on a Shoestring

Advice on why I love NPSP as presented at Dreamforce 2015.

This video features advice from me and two other all-stars about using Salesforce on a shoestring. It was recorded at Dreamforce 2015. We presented it twice. The overall message was you trade time for money in all cases. There is lots of general getting started on a shoestring and encouragement for the budget conscious (tiny or big) in this video. You are welcome to ask questions (@streetyouth).

I use the following shoestring applications as part of my Salesforce organization (all available on the Salesforce App Exchange):
  • Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0 (I still use the Household Object but will migrate when time allows.)
  • Volunteers for Salesforce. Huge fan!
  • Apsona is my preferred data manipulation tool. I also paid for the mail merge tool to do end of year letters that includes a table of all donations from a household. I found no way to do this natively in Salesforce.
  • Rollup Helper. You get 3 free rollups. I save them for things that Declarative Rollup Tool won’t support.
  • Declarative Rollup Tool. I used this for most custom rollups.
  • Vertical Response.
  • DupeCatcher. Not to block but notify on all duplicate contacts and accounts.
I have no connection with any of these products other than those disclosed.

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