In-kind Giving and Categories of Work using V4SF

If in-kind giving looks more like volunteerism to you, track it with Volunteers for Salesforce rather than opportunities.

I noticed that many of our volunteers bring in-kind gifts with them. And it is true that our in-kind donors usually spend some time behind the scenes collecting, sorting, or delivering their donated items. So it seemed natural to me to record in-kind gifts using Volunteers for Salesforce and to summarize out-of-pocket expenses. In-kind gift receipts and proof for volunteer hours use the same process. We decided to track two types of in-kind hours and several categories to be ready for annual reporting and filing our IRS 990 appendices. You can read more about the solution here. You can access the installation URL for the unmanaged package. No support but you can ask questions (@streethyouth).

Volunteer Shift Notes on Web

Display special notes for volunteer shifts on the web

We wanted to reserve some shifts for specific groups and we wanted to identify certain shifts as full or critical to fill. We added a couple fields and workflow rules to modify the data displayed on the web for volunteer shifts.

As a byproduct of this we were easily able to include how many positions remain available. This feature is now available as a hover popup directly on V4SF so that’s not so critical anymore.

Affiliation Summary Field

Show summary of contact’s organization affiliations in one easy field. Great for list view and reports!

I add a Text field to my contacts called Affiliation Summary. This is denormalized data… ...  read more